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Gaylan Williams, President

PharmaCorr: Information on Services

As the only correctional healthcare company to maintain an affiliated in-house pharmacy, Corizon Health is uniquely positioned to assist its clients with rising healthcare costs. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of care for patients, while maximizing savings for our clients.

PharmaCorr is a pharmacy affiliate with operations in Indiana and Oklahoma, plus mail-order pharmacy services to 16 states. The programs provided by PharmaCorr promote proactive and clinically appropriate drug therapies, following the best practices of the healthcare industry. Using highly customized technology, PharmaCorr is able to monitor the entire prescription process from order entry to automated dispensing and shipping. And because it is one of the nation’s largest correctional pharmacy providers, PharmaCorr is able to use its purchasing power to negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors, saving our clients money.

  • PharmaCorr is one of the largest correctional pharmacy providers in the nation serving only the correctional industry.
  • PharmaCorr has the size and efficiency to benefit correctional programs, purchasing more than $90 million of inventory annually and filling an average of 20,000 prescriptions per day.
  • PharmaCorr’s singular focus in the corrections market provides added benefit in contracting initiatives, which yields maximum discounts and rebates, ultimately saving its clients money.
  • PharmaCorr’s network of back-up pharmacies is comprehensive with associated deeply discounted reimbursement.
  • PharmaCorr’s highly automated system ensures a same-day fill rate of 99.8%, with an error rate of just 0.015%.
  • PharmaCorr’s highly trained field consultants provide direct review of our client’s medication practices at a site level, overseeing everything from prescribing patterns to patient administration records.

Consider the following:

Our Clinical Pharmacy Intervention program provides clinical pharmacist consultation at the time of prescribing to support the prescribers with drug information, formulary recommendations and clinical drug data.